About Burundi

Burundi might look like a small speck on a map, but because it's so densely populated it's home to many people. Ravaged by civil war, massacre, and genocide, the people of Burundi have had it rough. Two thirds of the population live in poverty, existing on less than $1 a day.

About Turame

Making a difference can be difficult, and sometimes helping people half-way around the world seems impossible. Fortunately, there is an organization called Turame that was founded to help fight poverty in Burundi. Turame raises money to finance micro-loans for impoverished families, widows, and refugees. Rather than give the money away, Turame works with loan recipients to form lasting investments, to build small businesses, and to teach self-sufficiency.

So what can I do to help?

To spread awareness and raise funds, we (a West Michigan youth group) have decided to hold a 24-hour gaming marathon. Friends, family, and community members are welcome to come play games in exchange for small donations. We're going to try to stream out a live video, so anyone can join us in spirit -- feel free to donate online as well! All funds raised will be donated to Turame