Sebastian Green

(616) 550-9216 // [email protected]


Ferris State University, Big Rapids

Bachelors of Applied Science

Digital Animation and Game Design - concentration in game programming/development

Rockford High School

GPA: 3.96

AP Calculus, AP German, Honors Physics, Honors Chemistry, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra 2


Customer Relations Lead

Tilt Scooters

Operates and Oversees Customer Relations at Tilt Scooters, which entails:

- Handling communication between direct consumers, wholesale customers, and distributors of the company's products.

- Involved in the management of the company's social media pages..

- involved with and ability to view insight to the companies internals (SP&L operations with factory and distributors).



Unreal Engine, Unity, Processing, Adobe Softwares


Java, Javascript, C#, C++, HTML

Other Notable Skills

- Game Development

- Object Oriented Programming

- Communication with customers and coworkers in a professional business environment

- Problem solving in multiple environments