Fight for the Cheese

Play as a mouse trying to eat as much cheese as you can to avoid starving, but watch out for mouse traps and other hungry mice!

How to Play
  • Use the WASD keys to move
  • Pick up cheese to fill your hunger. If your hunger drops to 0, you start starving and will begin losing health gradually
  • Enemy mice will collect cheese on their own, but they'll chase after you if you get too close. If they touch you, you'll take damage
  • Mouse traps are scatted around the home, and if you run into one, you'll take damage and be trapped for a little while
  • If your health reaches 0, it's game over
  • You can recover health by resting in your home nest, as long as your not starving
  • There are two types of powerups that can spawn: One will boost your speed for a short amount of time while the other makes you invisible to enemy mice until it wears off
  • As you collect cheese, your level increases, but this also increases the amount of mouse traps and enemy mice in the level. How far can you get?

Technical Details

This game was made in Processing as a solo project. I coded everything, designed the map, and made all of the art assets myself.

Download Info
  1. Click the button above to download the .zip file, then find it in your Downloads folder
  2. Right click the .zip file and choose to Extract it
  3. Open the FightForTheCheese folder, then the application.windows32 folder
  4. Double click the FightForTheCheese.exe application to play