Bill's Arcade: About Me

About Me

Myself and my dog sitting on a couch

Hey everybody! My name is William Velting, though you can call me Bill, Will, William, Liam, Bob (no but really please don't call me Bob), or anything else that you please (except for Bob)! I am closer to 30 than I'd like to admit but still enjoy spending my time exploring new lands, learning new stories, and doing so with those I love. I am married to an amazing woman who puts up with all of my quirks and who definitely is not sitting right next to me as a write this. We have a lovely daughter who is just over 1 year old and has a much better sense of the world than I do, I swear. I spent a few years in management and sales, having an associates in Business Marketing, and found myself yearning to create.

I have always enjoyed telling stories and playing games. As a child, that world seemed less than ideal to join, however. You would hear stories of programmers locked in dank, dark basements, unable to even claim credit, as companies feared their valued programmers would be poached by competitors. This dynamic has shifted and, as such, I have taken it on myself to make my childhood dream a reality. Games have really helped provide a form of escape that has helped me get through some of my hardest times and I am excited to help provide experiences that can do the same for others!

These are a few of the games I've really enjoyed playing lately!

  1. Runescape
  2. Eve Online
  3. Outer Wilds
  4. Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
  5. Dungeons and Dragons
  6. Call of Duty: Cold War